Moshiach Fever

Many gedolim proclaimed that this year is very opportune for Moshiach to come. I have heard people asking: How do they know? If Hashem didn’t let Yaakov Ovinu tell the time of redemption to his children, how could today’s gedolim know.
There was an eye opening passage in the special tefila said for Shabbas HaCodesh.
‘וישוב ויגלה לעם קדושים, אשר עמו יהו מקדשים’ – Hashem will first reveal Himself to those that are holy and close to Him.
‘ולא לעדרי צאן קדשים’ – But not to the flocks (The masses).
‘עד קץ ששה חדשים’ – Until after six months.
‘עד בא ראשון לראשי חדשים,’ – Until the month of Nissan.
‘ואז יראה לעדת קדושים’ – Then Hashem will reveal Himself to the whole klal yisroel.
We see that at the time of the redemption Hashem will let know the people close to Him at the beginning of the year, and the rest of klal yisroel in Nissan.
Let’s all do Teshuva and beg Hashem for the redemption, so we won’t miss out on this great opportunity.


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