Six Aspects of Emuna

The Gemora in Shabbos 31A says in the name of Rova that when a person is judged he is asked six questions. When we think about it we realize that all six questions concern aspects of Emuna.
1. Did you deal honestly? – Dealing honestly is totally depended on Emuna. When a person has Emuna they know that everything they earn is from Hashem, and it’s predetermined. Dishonest dealing will only cause losses and suffering.
2. Did you set times to learn? – When a person has Emuna, they don’t need to work long hours, or do anything else that will take way from their learning time. This explains why the question is asked about setting times, and not about how much a person learned.
3. Did you try to have children? – Any misgivings people have about having children are directly connected to a lack of Emuna.
4. Did you wait for the redemption? – A person with Emuna constantly waits for the final redemption.
5. Did you learn with wisdom? – Even if a person is not gifted with wisdom, he should always pray for wisdom, and Hashem would surely grant him wisdom according to his level.
6. Did you infer knowledge? – We see that a person has the obligation to pray until they reach the lofty level of Bina.


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