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Constant love

June 30, 2009

הבוחר בעמו ישראל באהבה 

Hashem is constantly choosing us with love.


הגומל חסדים טובים לעמו ישראל

June 30, 2009

Everything Hashem does is the very best.

How important are you?

June 29, 2009

A person might think that considering all the Yiden that ever existed what does one’s service of Hashem matter to rectify the world?
The truth is that very single Yid makes a big difference. Every person is unique, with their own strengths and challenges, and they are the only person that could correct what is designated for them to rectify.

Who is a Tzaddik?

June 29, 2009

משען ומבטח לצדיקים

Somebody that has full trust in Hashem is called a Tzaddik.

Improve our souls

June 26, 2009

ועל נשמותינו הפקודות לך

Thank You Hashem for constantly helping us improve our souls. All our trials and tribulations help us achieve soul correction.

Complete trust

June 25, 2009

אם לא שויתי ודוממתי נפשי כגמל עלי אמו
(תהלים קל”א ב)

We should trust Hashem for all our needs just like a baby trusts his mother.

When we praise Hashem

June 24, 2009

וקדושים בכל יום יהללוך סלה

When we praise Hashem always we are considered holy.

Even better

June 24, 2009

I bought a lottery ticket, it was a large pot. You could imagine how happy and excited I would have been if I would have won, all the great things that could have been accomplished with the money.
But since Hashem decreed for me not win, it must be that it’s even better for me not to have all that money. So I ought to be even happier and more excited for not winning.
If you ever want to feel Hashem’s love for you, buy a lottery ticket and you will always be a winner. Thank You Hashem for not giving me more money than is good for me.

Action & reaction

June 23, 2009

The Ramchal writes that even though we are on this world to earn our reward for the next world, our toil is finite but our reward is infinite.
(Derech Hashem – First Chelek, Chapter 3:3)

The question is why is considered as if we earned it if it’s so unbalanced?
The answer might be, because when we perform a mitzvah it’s like we are operating a complicated machine that is manufacturing very valuable items. Even though the operator only pushed some button he is credited in producing the valuable items.  So too this world is a complicated machine, when we perform a mitzvah great things happen which we are credited for.

Source of Emuna

June 23, 2009

מגן אברהם

Hashem protect and cultivates our Emuna which we inherited from our forefather Avrohom.

(Rav Moshe Wolfson)