What a privilege

Hashem granted me this morning a privilege of fulfilling a unique Mitzvah. I was learning early in the morning in a different Shul than I usually learn. At 6:30 I was surprised to hear the door open and somebody come in. When he came into view I saw that it was a Down syndrome toddler that wandered off from his home. As I was carrying him down the street I asked Hashem for help to locate his house. Boruch Hashem he finally said ‘Home’ next to a house and as I walked to door a neighbor came out and I was able to verify that the toddler lives there and bring him home safely.
Similarly, we are also Hashem’s precious children and as we are blundering way from home we need to end up in Shul and look on our house and say ‘Home’. We wait for Hashem to compassionately carry us home by redeeming us very soon so we can be united once again.


One Response to “What a privilege”

  1. Getzel Says:

    As Dovid Hamelech says in perek 119.

    “Toisi Kse Ovaid , Bakesh Avdecha”

    “I have strayed like a lost sheep , please search out your servant”

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