Essence of a trial

The essence of a trial is whether the person will accept it with happiness.
The Maharzu (R’ Zev Volf Einhorn) writes in Pirkei R’ Eliezer Chapter 31 that the reason Hashem told Avrohom Ovinu only later on which mountain to do the Akeida on, was in order Avrohom Ovinu should be prepared the all time for another Nevuah, and the Gemora Shabbos 30B says that a person could only have Nevua when he is happy. Therefore, Avrohom Ovinu had to ensure to be totally happy the all time, and not to feel even a trace of sadness. This was the essence of the trial of the Akeida of which we still benefit from, and that is why it’s considered Avrohom’s trial rather than Yitzchok’s.


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