Planting charity

זורע צדקות מצמיח ישועות

Hashem gives the person an opportunity to do charitable deeds and through them he brings forth salvations upon himself.
Hashem gave the opportunity to do a charitable deed at the beginning of the whole chain of miracles that led to the birth of my son. Thank You Hashem for giving me the opportunity and for giving me the knowledge and strength to perform the deed.
However, recently someone requested of me to give $100 to charity and in my stupidity I refused.  I wrecked my car and it ended up costing me $900 as the famous Midrash that Tosfos bring down in Ta’anis 9A that if someone refuses to give a tithe he ends up with only the tithe. Thank You Hashem for teaching me a valuable lesson. Please Hashem help me never to forget it and always give all I can.


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