Emuna = Joy

Now when one contemplates deeply and at length on this matter of Hashem’s true unity, his heart will rejoice with this Emuna that there is nothing besides Hashem; his soul will be gladdened by it to the point of rejoicing and singing with all his heart, soul and might. For this Emuna is tremendous — when it fills one’s mind it actually constitutes the closeness of Hashem. This in fact is the whole purpose of man, and the purpose for which he, and all the worlds, both upper and lower, were created: That Hashem should have such a dwelling-place here below, as will be explained further at length — how this earthly abode for Hashem is the purpose of all creation. Man’s Emuna in the unity of Hashem fulfills this goal. For when Hashem’s unity is revealed in the mind and heart of men, this world becomes an abode for Hashem; He is revealed there just as one reveals himself completely in his own home. How great is the joy of a common and lowly person when he is brought close to a king of flesh and blood who furthermore lodges and greater still dwells together with him — not in the king’s palace, but in the commoner’s home. How much more, infinitely more, ought one to rejoice in the nearness of the King of kings, the Holy One, blessed be He, and in His dwelling together with man in this physical world, man’s “home.”

(Lessons in Tanya Chapter 33)


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