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Hashem is in charge

November 30, 2009

וקונה הכל

I’m thrilled that I belong to Hashem.
Once we realize that we and our time, possessions, abilities, actions all belong to Hashem, it’s easier to live with Emuna and accept everything with happiness. We’re not in charge, Hashem is in charge, and he does everything the best possible way. We just have we to nullify ourselves to Him and serve Him.


Taking it for granted

November 25, 2009

For six years while I was in kollel, we ran a small business. We took for granted that people paid for the work. Throughout all the years there were only a couple of people that didn’t pay. Later when we recounted this occurrence to other business owners they said that it’s very unusual, people usually are reluctant to pay. Hashem makes for us so many kindnesses everyday that we don’t even recognize.

Not Guilty

November 24, 2009

ולא יאשמו כל החוסים בו

The Slonimer Rebbe writes that when a Yid accepts everything Hashem does with happiness, Hashem accepts him as he is, and all his sins are forgiven. Including sins that Teshuva does not help.

Teaching Emuna

November 23, 2009

אב המון גוים

The Rambam on Bikurim writes that Avrohom is considered the father of converts because he taught the world Emuna.

Who gets Shabbos?

November 20, 2009

ולא נתתו ה’ אלוקינו לגויי הארצות
Not for people that imitate the other nations.
ולא הנחלתנו מלכנו לעובדי פסילים
Not for people that serve idols like arrogant or angry people.
וגם במנוחתו לא ישכנו ערלים
Not for people that do not try to live in holiness.
כי לישראל עמך נתתו באהבה
For tzadikim who are called Yisroel the Shabbos is given with love.
לזרע יעקב אשר בם בחרת
Even other Yiden get a portion in Shabbos because they’re part of the chosen nation.

Turn to Hashem

November 19, 2009

כי אתה שומע תפלת כל פה עמך ישראל ברחמים

Please Hashem hear the prayers of all of Klal Yisroel with compassion. Not only my prayer, but the prayers of all the Yiden.


November 18, 2009

If something is troubling you, put it into the right perspective. Place a distant between the problem and you. Think how you would feel about it a year from now? Or how you would feel if you heard that a friend had the same problem? This will help you think logically rather then becoming overcome by emotion.

Emuna all along

November 17, 2009

אודך כי עניתני ותהי לי לישועה

We thank Hashem for giving us pain and for delivering our salvation because everything Hashem does is the very best. After the salvation it’s easier to see how everything was for the very best, but we need to have Emuna all along that the pain is the very best thing for us.

Say NO to Anger

November 16, 2009

Before you are tempted to get angry on your children please ponder on the following points:

Anger destroys the children’s self confidence.
It’s normal for children to behave in a childish way. Do not expect them to be miniature adults.
They have an evil inclination too, nobody is perfect.
Adults are more responsible for their behavior then children.
Getting angry is a much worse sin (idolatry) than the children’s misbehavior.
By getting angry we’re teaching our children to react to a difficulty with anger, rather than calmly figuring out a solution.
You’re creating a wave of anger for generations. If you raise your children with anger chances are they’ll raise their own children with anger and so on…
The children’s growing up years are crucial for us forming a bond with our children. Anger will destroy this bond and will leave us without a relationship with our children for the rest of our lives.
You’re alienating your child from keeping the Torah.

Who is happy?

November 13, 2009

‘ישמח לב מבקשי ה

If a person truly seeks Hashem he’s happy always. Because whatever happens are means which Hashem uses to get the person closer to Him.