Ever since the Temple was destroyed, “the four cubits of the Halachah” — i.e., Torah study — is the only sanctuary and abode which the Holy One, blessed be He, has in His world. For the halachot set out before us are the actual embodiment of Hashem’s Will and wisdom, which are one with Hashem.
Each person should think to himself as follows: “I will make Him a sanctuary and an abode by studying Torah at fixed times by day and by night, to the extent of my free time, as stipulated in the Laws of Torah Study. As our Sages say, (Menachot 99B) ‘Even one chapter in the morning and one at night…’ suffice, for one who can manage no more, for him to be regarded as ‘engaging in Torah study day and night.’ Therefore, by fulfilling this minimal quota, I too will become an abode for G‑dliness.”
Thereby, his heart shall rejoice; he shall be glad and offer joyous thanks for his fortune in meriting to be the Almighty’s “host” through his study of Torah, which causes him to be a “sanctuary” for Hashem twice each day, according to the extent of his available time, and according to the capacity which Hashem has granted him.

(Lessons in Tanya Chapter 34)


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