Say NO to Anger

Before you are tempted to get angry on your children please ponder on the following points:

Anger destroys the children’s self confidence.
It’s normal for children to behave in a childish way. Do not expect them to be miniature adults.
They have an evil inclination too, nobody is perfect.
Adults are more responsible for their behavior then children.
Getting angry is a much worse sin (idolatry) than the children’s misbehavior.
By getting angry we’re teaching our children to react to a difficulty with anger, rather than calmly figuring out a solution.
You’re creating a wave of anger for generations. If you raise your children with anger chances are they’ll raise their own children with anger and so on…
The children’s growing up years are crucial for us forming a bond with our children. Anger will destroy this bond and will leave us without a relationship with our children for the rest of our lives.
You’re alienating your child from keeping the Torah.


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