The worst is the best

What seemed the low point of the past Shabbos was when two of our children started fighting at the Shabbos table. We had over a guest that was interested in learning about the frum lifestyle. Our children’s fight did not seem as a strong point in our lifestyle. We tried calmly to settle the fight and move on. We thanked Hashem for the fight; even though at the time we’re embarrassed and did not understand the benefit, but everything that happens is from Hashem and everything Hashem does is only good.  After Shabbos the guest said that the most amazing experience throughout the whole Shabbos was how we stayed calm and handled the situation.
Similarly, in all our difficulties we should realize that not only they’re gifts, but they’re the most valuable gifts. Staying calm, having Emuna and thanking Hashem at the time of trouble is part of the great gift. Once we have full Emuna we merit to understand why it is for the very best.


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