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Don’t suffer for naught

February 28, 2011

והסבל הטוב מדה טובה והסבל שבעליו מוכרח בו אין לבעליו
שכר עליו ואין מחילה בו. הסתכל אחי, מה בין שני הסבלים
.והתבונן ההפרש שיש בין שני הענינים
חובות הלבבות שער חשבון הנפש פ”ג

The Chovos Halevovos writes that if a person does not accept afflictions with happiness they do not atone for his sins.


Coming up

February 25, 2011

ששת ימים תעבוד ועשית כל מלאכתך
יראה אדם בשבת כאילו כל מלאכתו עשויה

The Sfas Emes writes that a person should push way any mundane thoughts from his mind on Shabbos as if the mundane world does not exist. If a person is successful in concentrating only on the Service of Hashem, he will merit his private redemption.

Did you make it?

February 24, 2011

ויהי גמולו בעוה״ז השמחה במתיקות עבודת ה׳
חובות הלבבות שער עבודת האלקים פ”ג

  Someone who truly serves Hashem is constantly happy.

How do we do it?

February 23, 2011

אשר קדשנו במצותיו

How can a person who is full of impurities stand in front of Hashem and daven to Him? Hashem in His compassion gave the mitzvah of Tallis and the mitzvah of Teffilin to permeate us with His Holiness in order to allow us to daven to Him.

Forward planning

February 22, 2011

בכל עת יהיו בגדיך לבנים

In a few months I have to get my car inspected, but I already started thinking about fixing what needs to be fixed. Then again, my soul needs unlimited amount of fixing and there is no guarantee how long I have left to fix. I think I should rather concentrate on doing Teshuva then on fixing the car.

Light of redemption

February 18, 2011

ליהודים היתה אורה – אמר רב יהודה אורה זו תורה
:מגילה ט”ז

Torah is the light of redemption. The Ohr HaChaim writes that the final redemption is in the merit of Moshe Rabbeinu and he does not want to redeem Yiden who do not toil in Torah.

The main thing

February 17, 2011

העקר לזכות לעולם-הבא בשמירת פיו וזהו יותר מכל התורה והמעשים
ואלו נקראים “נשים שאננות” (ישעיהו לב ט), כי הפה קדש קדשים
אגרת הגר”א

I missed the event

February 16, 2011

I missed an event I was scheduled to attend today. I had an important position in the event, in fact the event was cancelled due to me not showing up.

Let me explain: Last night I realized that one of the car’s head lights is not working; I decided to stop off at the mechanic to replace the bulb. I went to the mechanic in the morning, he didn’t have the bulb in stock and he ordered a bulb from the supplier. While I was waiting for the bulb to show up I thought I might as well have an oil change. When the car went up on the lift it was noticeable that one of the tires is literally coming apart. Had I followed my normal morning routine and drove to work, the consequences could have been fatal.  As it is, the funeral event would have to be rescheduled; hopefully to a far away date. Thank You Hashem for always taking care of me.

The path to treasure

February 15, 2011

כי זרע הקודש ישיגו כל הנהגה נאוה והמעטירה בעליה מזכירת השי”ת
כמו שנאמר בה׳ יצדקו ויתהללו כל זרע ישראל
שערי תשובה שער ג’ אות כ”ז

Over in an instant

February 14, 2011

השלך על ה’ יהבך

As soon as a person acquires Emuna; relies on Hashem and asks from Hashem all his needs, all the troubles are over. Even is nothing changes yet in the physical realm, the person knows that everything is conducted by Hashem for the very best.