I missed the event

I missed an event I was scheduled to attend today. I had an important position in the event, in fact the event was cancelled due to me not showing up.

Let me explain: Last night I realized that one of the car’s head lights is not working; I decided to stop off at the mechanic to replace the bulb. I went to the mechanic in the morning, he didn’t have the bulb in stock and he ordered a bulb from the supplier. While I was waiting for the bulb to show up I thought I might as well have an oil change. When the car went up on the lift it was noticeable that one of the tires is literally coming apart. Had I followed my normal morning routine and drove to work, the consequences could have been fatal.  As it is, the funeral event would have to be rescheduled; hopefully to a far away date. Thank You Hashem for always taking care of me.


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