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End Line

July 29, 2011

B”H I completed successfully the MSITM program. May it be Hashem’s Will that I should find a good employment position the near future.


Hashem’s soldiers

July 22, 2011

Hashem in His great kindness is sending me for the third time this week to Manhattan.  We’re Hashem’s soldiers and we follow His lead to lowest places on earth to declare that everything is part of His Kingdom.

It takes time

July 15, 2011

After living without Emuna for eleven years, relying on a company to provide my livelihood instead of relying on Hashem, it’s a hard transition to rely back on Hashem. Slowly but surely Hashem is teaching me to rely and trust only in Him. Even though my financial resources are depleting, I feel more and more secure. Thank You Hashem for holding my hand and assisting me on the path to Emuna.

The ultimate purpose

July 8, 2011

I was davening to Hashem for a while to achieve my mission in life. I suddenly understood that being without employment and putting my Trust in Hashem is fulfilling my mission. Since we were created to attain Emuna and Trust in Hashem, being in a difficult situation and turning to Hashem is the purpose of our creation. Thank you Hashem for answering my prayers and please help me attain a level of Emuna that I won’t need reminders to only Trust in You Hashem.

The Great Gift

July 6, 2011

My separation from Viecore was a great gift. It helped in reducing my arrogance and it showed me that I did not have true Emuna in Hashem. The current period is a practical Emuna course. May Hashem help me to complete it soon successfully.