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Extended Elul

September 28, 2011

Hashem in His great compassion extended my awake up call to do Teshuva this year. I have had over a half a year to reflect and analyze my deeds and behavior; I hope to have gained from the experience. One of the biggest gains was a deep understanding as to the importance of doing an hour of Hisbodedus every day. As the Ramchal writes in Derech Eitz Chaim if a person has a daily hour of contemplating how to serve Hashem he is guaranteed to succeed and otherwise he will fail. May we strengthen ourselves to serve Hashem on our own initiative and not need any awake up calls.
May Klal Yisroel be granted a happy year full of blessings in all spiritual and physical aspects and may we merit seeing the full redemption this year.



September 20, 2011

8/20 – Received a Cell phone bill for $319 due to job search activity.

8/25 – Discussed options with local cell phone provider. Was presented with a cheaper plan with more minutes and was advised to request phone numbers to be released by the end of the contract (9/7) by old provider.

9/7 – Cell phone stopped working; instead of releasing the numbers the old provider closed the account which rendered the numbers inaccessible.

9/8 – Called old provider and asked for account to be reactivated and was warned that I’ll be liable for the full month’s fee.

9/9 – Started working on a three weeks project in Trenton.

9/9 – UPS requesting a phone interview.

9/9 – Cell phone numbers stopped working again, they were released by old provider. Since it was Fri. afternoon we didn’t get them back working until next Wed. 9/14.

9/12 – Trying to take phone interview with UPS but Cell phone is not working.

9/14 – E-mailed recruiter that phone is back up and working but the UPS manager was frustrated and wanted only a face-to-face interview.

9/16 – Went to Paramus for a half an hour face-to-face interview and was offered the position.

 A plan made in Heaven and executed on earth! Thank You Hashem!!!

The man in brown

September 19, 2011

Inside Tip – UPS stocks are about to skyrocket as there as been a tremendous improvement to their IT department. Thank You Hashem for the amazing miracles You have performed throughout this Nisayon.

Training Course

September 9, 2011

Hashem’s training course is progressing very nicely. The message is loud and clear: There is nothing besides Hashem and we should subjugate ourselves to His will. I think that I’m even getting the message a little bit at a time.

Mazel Tov!

September 2, 2011

Town Appliance acquired a new IT consultant. The new recruit about doubled the average age of the IT department. It was a very interesting negotiation, while the employee offered his services at a low price because he was eager to get the job, the manager insisted on paying full price. Guess who is running the show?