Mazel Tov!

Town Appliance acquired a new IT consultant. The new recruit about doubled the average age of the IT department. It was a very interesting negotiation, while the employee offered his services at a low price because he was eager to get the job, the manager insisted on paying full price. Guess who is running the show?


3 Responses to “Mazel Tov!”

  1. Getzel Says:

    Mazel Tov on the new job. Yehi Rotzon it should bring much bracha and hatzlacha.

  2. Zev Says:

    I am so happy for you.
    We don’t know the ways of Hashem, others are sitting in their “secure” (or so they think) jobs, rotting and stagnating and thinking life is good. While sometime Hashem gives us a temporary pinch (laid-off) so that he can bring you to the current cutting edge technologies (web development) and with possibility of growth (consulting for many people). It brings to mind the example of when we bring our kids to get their shots and we hold them down because we know that their crying is superficial, and it really doesn’t hurt that much and the benefits are so much more. But we feel bad that our children must feel that we are so mean how can we do this to them. Their own father and mother helping the nurse to hurt them. How much more it must pain Hashem the most loving of fathers when he has to give us that little pinch for our benefit. May we all have the siechel and emunah that we can grow up and thank our loving father Hashem for giving us those shots and immunisizing us from those more dreaded diseases that we iy’h should never see.

  3. Yoni Says:

    Wow!!! You should be Matzliach in this job.

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