8/20 – Received a Cell phone bill for $319 due to job search activity.

8/25 – Discussed options with local cell phone provider. Was presented with a cheaper plan with more minutes and was advised to request phone numbers to be released by the end of the contract (9/7) by old provider.

9/7 – Cell phone stopped working; instead of releasing the numbers the old provider closed the account which rendered the numbers inaccessible.

9/8 – Called old provider and asked for account to be reactivated and was warned that I’ll be liable for the full month’s fee.

9/9 – Started working on a three weeks project in Trenton.

9/9 – UPS requesting a phone interview.

9/9 – Cell phone numbers stopped working again, they were released by old provider. Since it was Fri. afternoon we didn’t get them back working until next Wed. 9/14.

9/12 – Trying to take phone interview with UPS but Cell phone is not working.

9/14 – E-mailed recruiter that phone is back up and working but the UPS manager was frustrated and wanted only a face-to-face interview.

9/16 – Went to Paramus for a half an hour face-to-face interview and was offered the position.

 A plan made in Heaven and executed on earth! Thank You Hashem!!!


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