Extended Elul

Hashem in His great compassion extended my awake up call to do Teshuva this year. I have had over a half a year to reflect and analyze my deeds and behavior; I hope to have gained from the experience. One of the biggest gains was a deep understanding as to the importance of doing an hour of Hisbodedus every day. As the Ramchal writes in Derech Eitz Chaim if a person has a daily hour of contemplating how to serve Hashem he is guaranteed to succeed and otherwise he will fail. May we strengthen ourselves to serve Hashem on our own initiative and not need any awake up calls.
May Klal Yisroel be granted a happy year full of blessings in all spiritual and physical aspects and may we merit seeing the full redemption this year.


One Response to “Extended Elul”

  1. Zev Says:

    May you continue to see continued success Bruchneyus and Begashmeyus and may this year be only full of simcha, nachas, gezunt and parnassa for you and all of Klall Yisroel.

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