Air Force

I was sitting at a meeting; it was a long meeting, they went on and on discussing extremely boring issues. Having been up since very early I found myself nodding off. It would certainly not be presentable to fall asleep at a meeting so I tried to keep myself awake with every possible means. I tried writing down what is being said, I tried to participate in the discussion, but to no avail. In desperation, I prayed silently to Hashem to help me in my predicament. A short while later a large fly came into the room and started buzzing around the speaker’s head. The speaker was distracted and tried to shoo way the fly, then a different team member (on his first day in the job) jumped up and started to punch the fly. Eventually the fly was overwhelmed and the team lead jumped on the fly to kill him. By that time I was rolling from laughter and sleep was not an issue anymore. Thank you Hashem.


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