Money matters

The Alter of Kelem writes that people worry about money matters because they have the misconception that they can do anything about it. If a person would internalize that all his income is from Hashem and anything the person does cannot add or subtract anything to it, he will stop worrying. There are many things that are vital to a person and he does not worry about them because they are out of his hands. The only reason people worry about money is because they think that they are in control.


2 Responses to “Money matters”

  1. Zee Says:

    So why is it that people worry about their health?
    Hypochondriacs worry about it excessively, but everyone worries about it somewhat that they may have this or the other wrong with themselves.
    So it seems we worry about things we all know that we can’t control, perhaps we shouldn’t, but we do.

  2. emunatidbits Says:

    Some people’s Emuna is in such a bad state, that they even worry about issues that they can’t do anything about.

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