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Sometimes the Yetzer Loses

September 28, 2012

When I was searching for a job I thought that I’m obligated to look for positions in NY as well. There are many people who work there and I assumed that it is my responsibility to include NY in my job search. So I went for several interviews to NY; the immodesty was awful but I tried to look away.

However, as I was coming out from an interview there was an immodest woman right in my path. I realized that I cannot really stay religious and work in NY. If I would work in NY my heart and mind would be filled with filth. Even though the going was tough, I decided to remove NY from job search. I knew that Hashem provides a person’s income and He certainly does not require of a person to work in an immoral location.

The Yetzer Horah thought that he will trap me but he lost big time.


A Year of Emuna

September 19, 2012

May this year be a year of Emuna and a year of freedom. May Hashem help us to serve only Him and not serve the Yetzer Horah.

A year of closeness

September 7, 2012

Thank You Hashem of a year of tremendous closeness to You. Thank You Hashem for a year in which You answered my prayers constantly as I turned to You for help. Please Hashem help me serve You on a level which such closeness requires and always stay close to You.

Trust in Hashem

September 6, 2012

For about my last five years in Viecore there was very little work to do. Many people invested their energy to learn additional technologies in order to keep up to date with the profession. I took the time to learn more and serve Hashem, trusting in Him that He will take care of me. Even though my Emuna level was very weak, Hahsem not only provided all our needs, He also took me on a technology training course for the last year. Every project familiarized me with more technologies until I feel that I’m well versed in the field. Thank You Hashem.

Really Amazing

September 5, 2012

I have been working in various places for the last year and I was in between jobs for an half a year before that but my income stayed exactly the same throughout. Thank You Hashem.