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Ten minutes a day

January 28, 2013

For a while I was hoping to learn with our 10-year-old son. I suggested to him a couple of times that we start learning together, but he was not interested. Being that I never pressure a child to learn; I let him be and davened to Hashem to make it happen.

Lo and behold, the Rebbe recommended before Rosh Hashanah that the children accept upon themselves to learn some extra time every day. Our boy took upon himself to learn ten minutes a day at home and our learning together became a reality. Several months later, we just reached our second milestone and we both highly value those precious ten minutes a day. Thank You Hashem.


Four reasons

January 23, 2013

There are four reasons why it’s best to stay in the current job which has a kosher environment with no pritzus in the office and not look for a position closer to home.

  1. A Yid is supposed to give up all his possessions not to transgress one prohibition from the Torah. So much more so if a person might transgress constantly.
  2. Hashem in His great compassion led me to this place and I should follow His direction.
  3. In order to perform my work I need to daven constantly and I cannot daven in a not kosher environment.
  4. In a not kosher environment I would be more of an outcast as I’ll try to avoid the bad influence.

Hashem is always there for us

January 15, 2013

Three times recently I found myself short on cash and turned to Hashem for help. One time I found extra few hundred dollars in my pay check. It turned out that the payroll services mistakenly did not deduct the regular deductions. They said that it will be deducted in the next pay check but a few checks later it was not yet deducted. Another time I received unexpectedly a check from my insurance company; the reason stated: Automatic. The third time I needed a dollar to give Tzedoka. I davened to Hashem and I found a dollar on the floor. Thank you Hashem for always taking care of all our needs.

No Income

January 9, 2013

There are various scenarios which put people into financial difficulties; such as unexpected expenses and decreasing income.  But one of the worst scenarios is when a person has no income whatsoever; every expense is putting him further into debt.

The Alter of Kelem writes that if a person lives without spiritual growth it’s as if he is living without any income. Since he is not having any spiritual gain he’ll decline quickly.


January 3, 2013

וגם את הגוי אשר יעבדו דן אנכי

Rabeinu Saadya Gaon writes that if the Egyptians received so many calamities to fulfill the a word of two letters ‘דן’, how much more  will Hashem take revenge on all the Goyim who hurt us throughout the Golus since the Torah writes about it at length.