I had a weak moment when I pulled up to the gas pump and decided to fill up on regular gas in order to save $5. Now the car is running noisier and I do not appreciate it.  I have to wait until the cheap gas is used up for the car to run silently as before.

Similarly, when we have a weak moment and commit an Aveira we can expect to get some ‘noise’ in our life until we are cleaned. However, we do have the ability to do Teshuva and come back to Hashem on our own initiative.


One Response to “Noise”

  1. Getzel Says:

    Once we are on the topic of car noises, there is a saying that the Gates of Neginna (songs) are near the Gates of Teshuva (i.e. proper melodies can bring a person to Teshuva). Those songs can give a person a well needed “Tune Up” !!

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