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Who can expect a miracle

July 24, 2014

שדרגת הנסים באדם היא כפי דרגת קדוש השם שבו, ז״א שעד כמה שהוא
בדרגת מסירות נפש, דרגת בפועל ובגלוי, במדה זו הוא בעל הנס

R’ Yerucham says that a person who serves Hashem without limitation can expect miracles.


The power of Tehilim

July 7, 2014

Twice recently I completed the whole Tehilim to daven of for a specific purpose. Both times, Hashem in His great kindness miraculously  granted my wish.

Déjà vu

October 24, 2013

The situation seems very familiar. Once again there is a major issue in UPS’s software system. Thousands of exceptions are thrown, messages are lost and packages cannot be processed correctly. Veterans, who are working on the system for many years cannot figure out the problem. There is no data to indicate how the system got into such a state.

A newly hired contractor is tasked to solve the glitch and 3 levels of management are monitoring the situation daily. As usual, I turned to Hashem and davened for His help. Hashem in His great compassion heard my prayers and showed me how the system was getting in a bad state. A patch was developed and deployed just before UPS’s peak season and everyone was able to relax. Thank You Hashem for always answering our prayers.

The Hidden Reason

July 4, 2013

During my first tenure at UPS, Hashem listened to my prayers and in His great Mercy enabled me to miraculously solve a complex problem in their software system. Shortly afterwards my relationship with UPS came to an end. Of course I thanked Hashem and appreciated His Kindness and Closeness but there was no apparent physical gain from the miracle.

Fast forward a year and a half later, I was coming again for an interview at UPS. I did not know who I would meet. Lo and behold in the room was sitting the person whose complex problem I solved a year and a half before. In a manager’s meeting he declared “We are beholden to this person and we have an obligation to hire him”. Thank You Hashem for always taking care of all our needs.

Bill’s Woes

May 29, 2013

Bill is a happy-go-lucky fellow, he is usually full of laughter and jokes which he enjoys sharing with his coworkers. Most of his coworkers appreciate the humor he adds to the work environment. However, a recent addition to the captive audience did not like the off-color jokes. As this particular fellow davened to Hashem to be saved from hearing offensive content; Bill’s life took a definitive turn for the worse. The afflictions which befall Bill in the last month include: Oral Surgery, car problems, infection due to the oral surgery, marital strife, pressure at work from the company’s president and a foot injury. Bill is too busy to think about jokes and the environment has become totally clean. Thank You Hashem for always hearing our prayers and taking care of all our needs.

New headquarters

April 10, 2013

Due to Hashem’s great compassion, Emuna Tidbits headquarters has been relocated much closer to home. In fact, if you watch the Garden State Parkway you’ll not find Natan tracking north early in the morning anymore. Instead you can find him leaving shull in Lakewood leisurely at 8 and taking a 15 minutes ride to work. Thank you Hashem for always answering our prayers and taking care of all our needs.

It was totally Impossible

March 13, 2013

I davened to Hashem for something that was totally impossible… On the other hand, nothing is impossible for Hashem.
My daughter was coming back from Eretz Yisroel and had to catch a connecting flight. The ticket for the connecting flight was purchased with a great deal of optimism, but realistically there was not enough time. In less than an hour from landing to takeoff they had to get off the first plane, collect their luggage, go through customs, check in their luggage for the second flight and board the plane. The airline website states “Check bags at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure”.
However, Hashem made other arrangement; shortly before landing the group of girls was notified that their luggage was misplaced and did not make it on the plane. So rushing luggage free to the other flight they made it on the last boarding call. Eventually the luggage was found and it will be delivered shortly. Thank You Hashem for always taking care of us and answering our prayers.

Ten minutes a day

January 28, 2013

For a while I was hoping to learn with our 10-year-old son. I suggested to him a couple of times that we start learning together, but he was not interested. Being that I never pressure a child to learn; I let him be and davened to Hashem to make it happen.

Lo and behold, the Rebbe recommended before Rosh Hashanah that the children accept upon themselves to learn some extra time every day. Our boy took upon himself to learn ten minutes a day at home and our learning together became a reality. Several months later, we just reached our second milestone and we both highly value those precious ten minutes a day. Thank You Hashem.

Hashem is always there for us

January 15, 2013

Three times recently I found myself short on cash and turned to Hashem for help. One time I found extra few hundred dollars in my pay check. It turned out that the payroll services mistakenly did not deduct the regular deductions. They said that it will be deducted in the next pay check but a few checks later it was not yet deducted. Another time I received unexpectedly a check from my insurance company; the reason stated: Automatic. The third time I needed a dollar to give Tzedoka. I davened to Hashem and I found a dollar on the floor. Thank you Hashem for always taking care of all our needs.

Biggest miracle

March 1, 2011

ועל ניסך שבכל יום עמנו

Rav Shulzinger said that the biggest miracle is that we merit to learn Torah every day.