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He who laughs last laughs best

December 11, 2014

Every deed should be evaluated how it would look on the Day of Judgment.


Overflowing grattitude

August 19, 2014

I’m overflowing with gratitude to Hashem for His great compassion and goodness. Not only Hashem enabled us to marry off our daughter to a Talmid Chochom, Hashem also gave us a very joyous and exciting wedding. Thank You Hashem.

Today is the day

August 18, 2014

Today is the day that through Hashem’s great compassion we merit to walk our daughter to the Chupa. May Hashem help us that the simcha should be complete and that the young couple should build a True Jewish Home and always Serve Hashem with Joy.

Hashem’s Constant Love

June 19, 2014

Knowing and feeling Hashem’s kindness and love for us is from the foundations of Judaism. The Chovos Halevoves enumerates in Shaar HaBechina Hashem’s benevolence in order we should obtain the proper Gratitude to Hashem and recognize that we’re obligated to serve Him.

A person who lives with Emuna understands that everything that happens in the world is directly from Hashem, which He bestows upon us due to His compassion. As he goes through the day and knows that every move and breath is a present from Hashem he is overcome by the shower of gifts. Such a person is overwhelmed with Hashm’s love.

Feel Hashem’s Love

June 16, 2014

עַל זאת שִׁבְּחוּ אֲהוּבִים וְרומְמוּ לָקל. וְנָתְנוּ יְדִידִים זְמִירות שִׁירות וְתִשְׁבָּחות

Only when a person feels beloved and befriended by Hashem he could sing and praise to Him. – Rav Don Segal

Advance of Technology

June 27, 2013

Many years ago, a manager approached me while I was saying ‘Asher Yoztar’. Being that I was blessing Hashem I ignored the manager and he got angry. I decided then to put the phone to my ear while saying ‘Asher Yoztar’ so people would realize not to interrupt.

Fast forward to the today’s age, I was saying ‘Asher Yoztar’ without a phone in sight and my manager walked over, when he saw me talking he said ‘Sorry, I didn’t realize you’re on the phone!’

The Merit of Happiness

March 5, 2013

ועיקר הכל ע”י השמחה שבעל תשובה שמח
בהתקרבותו אליו ית׳ זוכה להשראת השכינה
שפת אמת – ויקהל

Time of Joy

February 12, 2013

Just as in harvest time a person should store way food to last him for the all year. So too in Adar a person should accumulate happiness to last him for the all year.

Feeling Joy

November 7, 2012

Sometimes a person has a difficult time to feel joy and gratitude. However, thanking Hashem for our lot will put us in a joyous mood. Try it; say ‘Thank you Hashem for my wonderful life’ many times and you will find yourself in a great mood.

It’s all in the attitude

October 23, 2012

Whether we have ample income or not is not up to us, it’s totally in Hashem’s control. However, our attitude towards our financial situation is totally in our control. If we accept with Emuna and Happiness whatever comes our way, we can be relaxed and joyful no matter what.